Tusculum Church Child Care- “The next best place to home!”

We pride ourselves on being a licensed three star Christian preschool.  It is our goal at TCCC to provide each of our children with the finest preschool services.

In our minds and hearts, the greatest priority we have is seeing that every child is cared for and nurtured in a loving Christian environment.  Experiences are planned to enhance growth in all areas of a child’s development , including social, emotional, physical, language, creative, intellectual, and moral needs.  Tusculum Church Child Care Center is a nonprofit mission of Tusculum Cumberland Presbyterian Church.  Our Church is committed to the community around us, and we offer out child care as a service and outreach to them.

Director: Colleen

Assistant Director: Leigh

For more information call us at (615) 832-4692
or email us at: tusculumchurchchildcare@gmail.com