We are so excited you are here!

At TCPC we are dedicated to serving all children and their families and sharing the love of Jesus with everyone. Connect is our inclusive ministry focused on serving children with special needs and their families. We have trained volunteers with experience working with children with Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, brain injuries, and other developmental delays. Your child is welcome here and will be included right alongside their peers in all the TCPC fun. We will also be happy to make any dietary accommodations needed and have a sensory room ready for breaks in the action. We hope you will join us for Connect!

If you are looking for resources to support yourself and your family, please check out our Family Resource List.

If you have any questions regarding Connect, please contact Amanda Oakes.


We are committed to growing in faith together and making the Word of God and the Love of God accessible to all.


We welcome everyone to become part of our faith community without exception. Connect Ministry is focused on ensuring children who need a little extra care are welcomed here with open arms and programs adapted to meet their individual needs.


We are equipped to include children with special needs into VBS, Bible Discovery Zone, Sunday Morning Worship, and other church activities. A sensory room is available for breaks. Our volunteers are specially trained to aide your child in participating in all our church activities.


We are committed to serving children with special needs and their families with the compassion and love of Jesus.